How much money casinos bring into the economy of a city. Case study- Las Vegas.

What do you think about when you hear the word casino? An addicted gambler who needs help, or the prosperity for the city’s economy? There’s probably no person in the world who hasn’t heard about such an amazing city as Las Vegas. Let’s take a moment and read about how it all started.

In the beginning of the 20th century Las Vegas, like many other cities in America, was experiencing some economic difficulties. Gambling for money was forbidden at that time, but some clever businessmen managed to get permission to install a slot machine where people could win a cigar, a bottle of whiskey or even bubble gum, for example. Then even this kind gambling was banned. The economy of the city started to deteriorate rapidly and in 1931 one very smart person came up with an idea of how to boost the economy and enrich the local budget. According to his plan, a big part of casino’s profit would go to the government and it will help the city to grow and prosper. And his plan did work. The city started growing very fast and attracted more and more tourists which also brought even more money. The government managed to solve the problem with water and electricity by building the Hoover Dam with the money they got from casinos. Can you imagine how important it is for the city that sits in the middle of the desert?

Nowadays, the local government clearly understands all the importance of casinos in their city. That’s why now Lasa Vegas is not only a place for casinos and gaming houses, it is a real heaven for tourists from all over the world. It is ready to offer a great variety of entertainment options as well as famous landmarks. Las Vegas is like a city from a beautiful fairy tale where it’s always fun and there is always a celebration. It’s needless to say that there are a lot of little churches where you can get married and it will only take a couple of minutes! Here you can find multiple excursions: walking tours, bus and boat tours. Or would you rather look at the city from above? No problem! Helicopter and plane excursions are at your service! You head starts spinning from all this selection and luxury. Different sporting and cultural events also often take place in Las Vegas.  If you want to watch shows, concerts, theatre performances, Las Vegas is a great city for that! Sometimes it seems that people here can make money out of thin air!

 And in conclusion, let us ask you again. Are casinos are that bad for people and economy? If we take Las Vegas, it definitely doesn’t look so. It’s a dream of thousands of people to see this city with their own eyes at least once in their life. However, in order for a city to prosper so well with the help of casino money the government has to have a very good control over all the activities that are happening there.