The best musical themes from all the Star Wars films

This composition you can hear at each Star War episode. Apart from the main theme itself, it could be the most blanked and well-known theme in the entire saga. It arises in trailers in weird plinky-plonky guises, it carries the power of a paired sunset and, like the mystical energy it materializes, it binds the saga together. Commercial compositions more popular but often miss spiritual and sensation part.

Force theme

Jawa theme

It was formed specifically to soundtrack the gamboling of these hooded short hunter trolls or whatever they are.

Jedi Steps

Possibly it was surprising to hear a theme at the end of The Force Awakens that pumps together with a beautifully gentle woodwind melody and some accurately squelchy harmonies.

Luke vs. Darth Vader

Love theme

For me, the most touching moment soundtracked by this singular leitmotif comes in the trailer for The Force Awakens. It does sound great at the end of The Empire Strikes Back, with all its unpredictability, but in the trailer, it enhances the moment that Star Wars fans knew everything was going to be good.

“Main Title,” A New Hope

“Main Title” is similar to Star Wars in a whole. It begins every Star Wars film with an eruption of sound and is also used completely the saga as an overall theme. Williams has said that he wanted something with an “idealistic, uplifting but military flare to it,” and “Main Title” is just about perfect — it’s completely exciting and strengthening, filled with full brass and ropes and an innately hummable melody. From the very beginning, you probably know that you’re in for a romantic adventure, and it never feels restricted or dishonest. One of the prominent themes in the film.

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