The most unforgettable songs from war movies

Soundtracks make war movie truly popular if it reflects the mood of time shown. I tried to collect the most memorable examples.

“Tracks of My Tears” from Platoon

This epic the Sgt. Elias death scene or the end of the movie, where Charlie Sheen’s character looks back on his tour. Sheen gives us a severe vision of his fate, jamming with his friends to Smokey Robinson and the Miracles’ 1965 hit, puffing all manner of things while tapping back a few beers.

“Do Wah Diddy” from Stripes

“Dream Lover” from Hot Shots

Yeah, Hot Shots isn’t a real war movie in the sense that anything really happened but you can say that about The Hurt Locker too.
“I was really impressed with the way you handled that stallion. You know, when I saw you dig your heels into his sides, tighten up the reigns, and break his spirit, I never wanted to be a horse so much in my life.”

“Danger Zone” from Top Gun

No opening chain starts a film properly than the song that holds Kenny Loggins in the money to this day. The Navy did this movie as a hiring tool, with a full 90 percent of candidates announcing that they’d seen “Top Gun” the year it came out.

“Miracles” Coldplay – “Unbroken”

“Sgt. Mackenzie” Joseph Milna Mackenzie – We Were Soldiers

This unforgettable melody absolutely catches “We Were Soldiers” final battle in la Drang Valley. With the story, the singer, Joseph Milna Mackenzie wrote the song just after his wife’s death. He stared at a film of his grandfather beyond his fire and was overcome with curiosity about his grandfather’s final moments before he died on the battlefield in WWI. The song suddenly came to him.