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Langley Air Force Base – a century-long history

Langley Air Force Base is located in the Eastern part of Virginia close to Hampton and Newport-News. This base is one of numerous pillars of American military power and superiority in the air. Furthermore, it was the first American military facility built especially for air power. The air force base in Langley is also the oldest functioning AFB in the world.

It’s one of the oldest air force bases in the United States founded a century ago on December, 30 1916. This place was one of the most important link of American military network during the Great War. Its goal was to help connect maritime forces with the American army. Since then Langley AFB plays a very important role in American military infrastructure.

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History of LangLey AFB

Langley Air Force Base was named after a prominent American name Samuel Pierpont Langley who managed to succeed in many different things – he was a promising scientist in the field of physics and astronomy. Langley invented bolometer – a device that measures power of electromagnetic radiation. He also contributed a lot into aircraft engineering by developing first planes and testing them. He was a true pioneer in this complicated area and helped his country make a real breakthrough.

The AFB in Langley became a large training camp where hundreds of American pilots mastered such legendary planes like Airco DH.4 and Curtiss JN-4 Jenny. Military experts often note that AFB in Langley helped a lot in establishment of American military aviation which is considered to be the most powerful nowadays.

Between two wars AFB in Langley was developing. New buildings appeared, new people arrived. The base turned into one of the most important army aviation unit. In 1930-s huge investments and lots of efforts were put into Langley AFB. Later on it the air force base proved its value during the World War 2.

In early 1940-s Langley military air base was a place where sophisticated detector equipment was created. American army used this equipment for disclosing and then sinking enemies’ submarines that appeared not far from American coast.

During the Cold War AFB in Virginia remained a principal element of American military infrastructure. Actually, the name “Langley Air Force Base” was officially given in 1948 – the base used to be called just “Langley”.

Challenging times required intensive preparation from both opponents. That is why the US government decided to transfer 1st Tactical Fighter Wing to the AFB in Langley in order to guarantee extremely rapid deployment in case of war with the USSR. In the same year – 1976 – 1st TFW got new F-15 Eagle jets.

After the clash of the Soviet Union things didn’t change much as air military base in Langley was still considered to be a crucial training camp and a major airfield in the US. Later on it was twice severely damaged by hurricanes in 2003 and 2009. In total American government spent more than $200 million to restore it.


Nowadays Langley AFB is joined with Fort Eustis into one military facility called Joint Base Langley-Eustis. Without a doubt this facility today has enormous importance in the military potential of the United States.

It’s quite an unusual facility though – it doesn’t have any common perimeter with its two components (air force base in Langley and Fort Eustis near Newport News) separated by 17 miles.

While the air force base is a full-fledged military facility Fort Eustis is mainly used for training and maintenance. Its diverse landscape and location near James River makes it an ideal military multipurpose training area.